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Handbook of Corporate Finance: A Business Companion to Financial Markets, Decisions and Techniques
By: Arnold, Glen

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The Handbook of Corporate Finance will explain the principles and practices of corporate finance and the financial markets, with an emphasis on the terms you need to understand and the tools and techniques you need to apply. Directed firmly at sounder judgment and sharper decision-making, it will guide you through key issues.

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Table of Contents:
1 What is the firm's objective? 1
2 State-of-the-art project appraisal techniques 23
3 Traditional appraisal techniques 61
4 Investment decision-making in companies 73
5 Allowing for risk in project appraisal 93
6 Value managed vs earnings managed companies 117
7 Value through strategy 145
8 Measures of value creation 165
9 Entire firm value measurement 195
10 What is the company's cost of capital? 211
11 Mergers : impulse, regret and success 253
12 The merger process 287
13 Valuing companies 307
14 What pay-outs should we make to shareholders? 347
15 Debt finance available to firms of all sizes 369
16 Debt finance from the financial markets 403
17 Raising equity capital 451
18 The financial risks managers have to deal with 509
19 Options 545
20 Using futures, forwards and swaps to manage risk 567
21 Managing exchange-rate risk 595

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