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Delivering Value and Life Planning Strategies for Clients in Turbulent Times with Robert Barry
By: Barry, Robert

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Financial service firms have been hit hard by turbulent markets, corporate scandals, war and the threat of terror, which have all made relationship-building with clients increasingly difficult. So, how do you sustain your business even in turbulent times? Planning expert Robert Barry shows how firms which weather the storm best are those that think out side the box, and embrace innovative new strategies. Now, this entertaining workshop from the former chairman of the Financial Planning Association introduces his unique "Life Planning" approach to building a successful, stable financial practice. Join Barry as he shares his personal anecdotes, proven techniques and penetrating insights for transforming your practice into a thriving entity, in any type of business climate.

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Jacket Description:
Financial service firms must start thinking of financial planning as a tool for achieving the end - not as an end itself -- if they hope to survive the turbulence of volatile markets, corporate scandals, terrorism and all life's uncertainties, according to expert Robert Barry. He effectively argues for creative “life planning” strategies as a viable alternative to “financial planning" in his entertaining new workshop for building solid, successful practices. The result of innovative thinking, Barry contends, is a practice firmly rooted in assisting clients through a lifetime of transitions that deepen, rather than strain, a client's reliance on you -- their trusted financial professional.

Barry's powerful new presentation helps advisors learn to think creatively "outside the box" when developing long-term client relationships. With a keen wit and a critical eye, he presents:
- The 3 key ways to break into a market
- Vital ingredients for break-through relationships with clients
- Essential steps for setting-up well defined systems & processes
- Methods for identifying the most important "drivers" that influence people's decisions
- Fees for life planning versus financial planning, and much more.

With so many challenges facing financial service firms these days - from the
increasing commoditization of the asset management industry and disinclination of clients to implement what planners recommend, to general market uncertainty -- advisors need an arsenal of innovative new techniques to rely on. Now - find a wealth of refreshing new strategies from a proven industry pro.

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