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Strategies for Selling Long-Term Care Insurance with Nancy P. Morith
By: Morith, Clu, Cfg, Csa, Ltcp, Nancy P.

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Discover critical, eye-opening insight into the world of Long-Term Care Insurance from a ten-year veteran. You'll gain intimate knowledge of client-winning strategies and learn the latest tools of the trade in this powerful new presentation covering everything from convincing wavering clients of the need for long-term care, to tips on screening new prospects to determine if they can afford your services and -- most importantly -- how to decrease the time it takes to close on sales of new long-term care policies. A comprehensive, must-have workshop for financial professionals looking to increase their client book.

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Jacket Description:
With people living and working longer, adequate long-term care coverage is increasingly essential for young and old alike. Now, discover the latest strategies for structuring - and selling - long-term care policies from noted industry veteran, Nancy P. Morith.

Drawing on more than a decade of experience selling long-term care insurance, Morith's comprehensive 2-hour workshop delivers proven, down-to-earth strategies that are also easy to implement. Her thorough review includes:
Persuasive arguments to convince clients of the need for long-term care coverage;
Goals & financing methods for long-term care;
Types, benefits, and options of long-term care coverage, plus elimination periods, inflation protection, and much more!

Morith covers an array of issues to keep in mind when assessing client needs -- and researching policies to meet those needs. Equally important, she shows how long-term care coverage is evolving and the new policy trends anticipated in the future. Her handy tips, based on years of selling experience, make this presentation a must for all financial professionals and long-term care specialists.

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Whether you have just started selling long-term care insurance or you are an experienced professional, Morith will help you build more lasting client relationships and provide you the latest tools to convince clients of the need for long term care. This new comprehensive 2-hour DVD presentation gives you an insider view on proven strategies for structuring the most critical policies, methods used in today's environment, and what you need to thrive in tomorrows. Packed with invaluable advice on assessing client needs and services, you'll gain helpful tips and industry studies that identify policy trends, opportunities, and successful techniques.

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