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Strategies for Selling Long-Term Care Insurance with Nancy P. Morith
By: Morith, Clu, Cfg, Csa, Ltcp, Nancy P.

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Discover critical, eye-opening insight into the world of Long-Term Care Insurance from a ten-year veteran. You'll gain intimate knowledge of client-winning strategies and learn the latest tools of the trade in this powerful new presentation covering everything from convincing wavering clients of the need for long-term care, to tips on screening new prospects to determine if they can afford your services and -- most importantly -- how to decrease the time it takes to close on sales of new long-term care policies. A comprehensive, must-have workshop for financial professionals looking to increase their client book.

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Jacket Description:
With people living and working longer, adequate long-term care coverage is increasingly essential for young and old alike. Now, discover the latest strategies for structuring - and selling - long-term care policies from noted industry veteran, Nancy P. Morith.

Drawing on more than a decade of experience selling long-term care insurance, Morith's comprehensive 2-hour workshop delivers proven, down-to-earth strategies that are also easy to implement. Her thorough review includes:
Persuasive arguments to convince clients of the need for long-term care coverage;
Goals & financing methods for long-term care;
Types, benefits, and options of long-term care coverage, plus elimination periods, inflation protection, and much more!

Morith covers an array of issues to keep in mind when assessing client needs -- and researching policies to meet those needs. Equally important, she shows how long-term care coverage is evolving and the new policy trends anticipated in the future. Her handy tips, based on years of selling experience, make this presentation a must for all financial professionals and long-term care specialists.

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