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Supercharge Your Client's Retirement Planning with 412(i) Fully Insured Plans
By: Toth Clu, Chfc, Stephen

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Item #: 2333175
Minutes: 120
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592801315
Type: Video - VHS
Publish Date : 4/1/2004

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Give qualifying clients a big boost to their retirement planning with 412(i) fully insured plans. Retirement specialist Stephen Toth's comprehensive new workshop provides an in-depth look into these powerful new plans -- which allow for the accumulation of large amounts of money and large current tax deductions -- over a relatively short period of time. Fast growing in popularity with the baby-boomer set - they're ideal for high-income owners of small businesses, and for commission-based financial advisors as well. Now, master the tips, techniques and strategies needed to supercharge client nest-eggs, as Stephen Toth makes this intricate yet important planning vehicle easy to understand and implement.

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Jacket Description:
Searching for an effective retirement vehicle for risk-averse clients who are also babyboomers with few years left to fund their nest eggs? 412(i) defined benefit plans could be the perfect solution for this growing segment of the population. And for those that qualify -- primarily high-income owners of small businesses -- 412(i) plans offer a world of benefit. Now - the leading expert in these fully insured new plans, Stephen Toth, presents a comprehensive look at how 412(i) plans can deliver guaranteed future retirement benefits, and huge current tax deductions. It's a perfect combination for successful entrepreneurs who are also market-shy after the recent volatility has wreaked havoc with their portfolio value.

Retirement planning specialist Stephen Toth's comprehensive new workshop provides an in-depth look at these unique products. Clear, concise and to-the-point, Toth walks you through every facet and "need-to-know" component, including:

· Identifying the ideal candidates for 412(i) defined benefit plans
· Comparison of 412(i) plans with other types of qualified plans
· Benefits of 412(i) plans relative to traditional defined benefit plans
· Strategies for disbursing plan assets at retirement
· Funding requirements, maximum deductions for contributions, vesting details, sources for 412(i) plans …and significantly more.

Another key benefit of 412(i) plans: They must be funded with either 100% fixed annuities or a combination of fixed annuities and whole life insurance, so they make a great sense for commission-based financial advisors as well.

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