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The Practitioner's Clinic: Structuring Partnerships & Business Succession Plans
By: Rainaldi, Clu, Chfc, Frank; Langdon Jd, Llm, Cfp, Clu, Chfc, Thomas

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Item #: 2333231
Minutes: 270
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592801358
Type: Video - VHS
Publish Date : 4/15/2004

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Discover how to become a more successful financial professional by taking your problem-solving skills to exciting new levels. Frank Rainaldi and Tom Langdon, two top industry experts, assess in their case-by-case analysis each single scenario from a planning as well as a legal perspective. This invaluable learning and reference tool covers it all, including virtually every type of partnership and corporation, 'what if” scenarios for any situation imaginable, and the benefits and disadvantages of everything - from cross-purchasing agreements to hybrid buy-sell agreements and much more. Make these powerful strategies your own, and you will be an expert in bringing creative solutions to the individualized needs of your clients in no time.

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Jacket Description:
It's not the size of your prospect list that's the secret to success for financial professionals -- it's your ability to bring creative solutions to the individualized needs of clients. Now, this comprehensive practitioner's "clinic" can take your problem-solving skills to exciting new levels. Two top industry experts introduce a wealth of powerful strategies for structuring business succession plans and partnerships that aid clients by avoiding big tax hits and meeting both existing and future contingencies.

Using an extensive "Case Study" format, Frank Rainaldi addresses the most prevalent partnership arrangements, the vast array of scenarios each presents, and it's recommended planning solution. Tom Langdon then assesses every scenario from a legal perspective - highlighting what questions you need to ask in each situation, and which choices best suit individual cases.

By evaluating each situation from a planning and legal perspective - you'll be prepared to service almost any client that walks through your door, while guiding existing clients on to increased success and savings as their circumstances change over time. And these two pros cover - it all - including:

- Virtually every type of partnership & corporation - and the unique aspects of each. S-corps, C-corps, family-corps, limited liability partnerships and more - all are explored in exceptional detail.

- "What If" scenarios for any situation imaginable - so you can easily alter your advice to accommodate a multitude of unexpected conditions.

- The benefits and disadvantages of everything from cross-purchase agreements, stock-redemption plans, hybrid buy-sell agreements - and a great deal more.

Nearly 5 hours of in-depth, case-by-case analysis make this "clinic" an invaluable learning and reference tool for any financial professional.

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