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Built For Growth: Expanding Your Business Around the Corner or Across the Globe
By: Hemingway, Collins; Rubinfeld, Arthur

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If there’s one thing that’s consistent in today’s business world, it’s rapid change. So how do you not only stay steady but actually grow—and quickly enough to stay safely ahead of your competitors? Built for Growth delivers specific solutions to create a brand and presence that generates true customer passion, as you lay a solid foundation for long-term success. Author Arthur Rubinfeld was a major driver in Starbucks' unprecedented retail expansion from 100 stores to more than 4000-- and its transformation into one of the world's most recognized brands. Here he draws on his singular expertise to present a proven, holistic approach to conceiving, designing, and executing your business plan: creating exciting concepts, growing them to fruition in local markets, expanding rapidly, and keeping your brand fresh and relevant as it matures. His revolutionary approach to business strategy embodies strong personal values, promotes exceptional creativity, leverages scientific methodology in finance and market analysis, and brings it all together with 'old-time' customer service. Each lesson is clearly distilled with detailed examples from one of the best business writers, Collins Hemingway, co-author with Bill Gates of the #1 bestseller Business at the Speed of Thought. So whether you're seeking to reignite growth or planning your first store, Built for Growth will be utterly indispensable. Foreword by Jeff Brotman, Co-founder and Chairman of Costco, the world's #1 warehouse club.

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Jacket Description:
In Built for Growth, the architect of Starbucks' retail expansion shows exactly how to create winning retail brands, as you establish a rock-solid foundation for long-term success. Arthur Rubinfeld led Starbucks' expansion from 100 stores to nearly 4,000 and helped make the Starbucks brand one of the world's most recognized. Now, drawing on his singular expertise with Starbucks and as a consultant to Oakley, adidas, Washington Mutual and many others, he offers breakthrough strategies and techniques for all facets of retail: choosing locations, recruiting management and associates, defining organizations and systems, designing stores, merchandising, day-to-day execution, and more.
Together with Collins Hemingway, coauthor with Bill Gates of Business at the Speed of Thought, Rubinfeld introduces a proven, holistic approach to conceiving, designing, and executing your retail business plan: creating exciting concepts, growing them in local markets, expanding rapidly, and keeping the brand fresh and relevant as it matures. This revolutionary approach integrates strong personal values, exceptional creativity, the latest scientific methodology, and passionate customer service. Whether you are seeking to reignite growth or planning your first store, Built for Growth will be utterly indispensable.
Retail brands that win, brands that last
A complete framework for retail success: conception, design, and execution
Imagination, courage, and drive
Start by believing: you can become a nationwide brand
"Go long:" execute on rapid growth
Retail organizations and models that scale rapidly and "put the game out of reach"
Your retailpresence: capturing the essence of your brand
From locations to store design: generating real customer passion
"Main & Main:" own the best locations and markets
From demographics to street traffic: all you need to know about choosing locations
Push the envelope: innovate to maintain brand leadership
How to reinvigorate product, design, service, and quality—over and over again
A start-to-finish blueprint for breakthrough retail success
Establish a retail presence that drives true customer loyalty
Learn everything you need to create, launch, manage, and sustain your business
Establish a retail presence the drives true customer loyalty
Renew your brand and reignite your growth
Understand the key strategies for your business location, management, organization systems, execution of strategies, operations, and more
Understand your role whether you are an executive, strategist, marketer, merchandiser, manager, or customer service leader
Retail is the toughest business on earth—and getting tougher all the time. But you can succeed... and succeed big. Arthur Rubinfeld shows you how. Yes, the Arthur Rubinfeld: the retail genius who built Starbucks into one of the world's most recognized global brands and the legendary brand-builder who achieved breakthrough results for premier companies such as Oakley, Taco Bell, and Washington Mutual.
Built for Growth brings together Rubinfeld's unparalleled knowledge about envisioning, building, launching, expanding, and sustaining winning retail brands. Here's specific, tested advice for crafting retail plans that work, executing them systematically and aggressively, generating genuine customer loyalty, and innovating to keep your brand fresh, year after year.
Rubinfeld shows how to identify core values for your retail concept and bake them into the fabric of your business from store design to merchandising to customer service. From start to finish, he integrates state-of-the-art strategy with the "on-the-ground" details that can mean the difference between success and failure. Whether you're opening your first store or you are an "old hand" in retail, you won't just read this book. You'll live by it.

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Table of Contents:
Introduction. The Hardest Easy Business.
1. It’s About Your Values.
2. Opportunities, Ideation, and Concepts.
3. The Importance of the First Store.
4. The Process of Design.
5. Merchandising: Maximizing Your Profits.
6. Customizing Customer Service.
7. Blueprint for Execution.
8. Taking Your Organization Long.
9. Kicking the Economic Model into Gear.
10. Wellsprings to Expansion.
11. How to Grow Rapidly Without Stumbling.
12. Hot Spots, Oil Stains, and the Perfect Location.
13. A Walk through the Locationing Process.
14. Real Estate: Who Needs Who More, When.
15. Innovation and the New Age of Retail.
16. Defining Your Mission in the New Age of Retail.

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