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Financing College: How Much You'll Really Have To Pay And How To Get The Money
By: From The Editors Of Kiplinger's Personal, From The Editors Of Kiplinger's Personal; From The Editors Of Kiplingers Personal Finance Magazine, .; Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Kiplinger's Personal Finance

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Saving for College Has Just Become Easier.

College is becoming an increasingly vital path to career success. But as college costs continue to rise, parents and students like you are often left wondering if you will be able to afford a college education. In Financing College: How much You’ll Really Have to Pay—and How to Get the Money the editors of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine answer questions like: •When is the right time to begin saving for college? •How much will college cost—and how much will you really be expected to pay? •How can you maximize financial aid? Whether you decide to attend a private college or a public university, Financing College will teach you how to: •Make the most of 529 plans, student-loan interest, and tax deductions •Find and win scholarships •Keep your student's at-college costs under control Packed with updated timelines, worksheets, and resource information, Financing College gives readers all the information they need to know to afford the college of their choice.

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