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Outsmarting Goliath: How to Achieve Equal Footing with Companies That Are Bigger, Richer, Older, and Better Known
By: Koontz, Traverso, Debra

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Debra Koontz Traverso is a freelance writer and business consultant. She advises businesses on crisis management and over the years has worked with such companies as United Airlines, Dow Chemical, Coopers & Lybrand, London Fog, Nike, NASA, and UPS. She is also an adjunct professor at Harvard University where she lectures on communications and crisis management. Previously, she worked as a reporter, editor, and public relations specialist.

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Jacket Description:
Big and proven strategies for small businesses. Business owners, consultants, freelancers, and other entrepreneurs are all looking for easy-to-implement, cost-efficient ways to go up against the big guys. They can now get tips from an expert--Debra Koontz Traverso--an entrepreneur herself who coaches others to success. This book gives them a powerful equalizer for winning business that would traditionally go to players with bigger staffs and established reputations. Despite the splash created by big budget ad campaigns, the fact remains--big business can't always do the job. Its Achilles heel? One-size-fits-all service coupled with often inexpert sales help. Outsmarting Goliath helps small businesses defeat larger competitors. This book shows how a single phone call, a cleverly crafted letter, an impressive catalog, a winning ad, or a skillfully prepared face-to-face presentation can influence customers to abandon big brand name products and services and embrace small business products and services that better address their needs. With these proven how-to strategies, small upstarts will capture more clients and challenge the Goliaths!
How to go Toe-to-Toe:
* Choose a name and location that scores big in consumer confidence
* Project a big image with a small staff
* Use everyday materials--billing, status reports--to build your image
* Produce major league marketing materials
* Capitalize on the Internet as the great equalizer
* Learn when to go with your strengths and when to seek assistance

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