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Protect Your 401(k) 1st Edition
By: Larry, Chambers,; Ken, Chambers, Larry & Ziesenheim,

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Item #: 621482
Pages: 224
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 007140712X
Type: Book - Soft Cover
Publish Date : 6/14/2002

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10 Key Steps you MUST take to protect your - or your client's - retirement nest egg. More important than ever for advisors in today's post-Enron era, and loaded with specific, practical action items you can take to guide 401k's to both growth and capital preservation.

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Jacket Description:
The Essential Book for Anyone Who Has a 401(k)­­and Wants to Keep It!
If you are like millions of American workers, your work-related 401(k) has grown to become a major component of your overall financial future, second only to your home. Yet while you wouldn't consider leaving your house uninsured, have you left your 401(k) to fend for itself against Enron-type corporate disasters and other unforeseen events that could destroy its value­­and devastate your retirement security?
Protect Your 401(k) is the first book to provide you with specific, nuts-and-bolts steps you can take to protect your 401(k) as you maximize its growth. Packed with essential information and basic do's and don'ts for every American with a 401(k), this no-nonsense book features: *
10 steps you should take immediately to safeguard your 401(k) assets *
6 core investment concepts for dramatically improving the growth of your 401(k) *
Guidelines for implementing a strategy designed to protect you in both up and down markets
Because your 401(k) belongs to you, it is your responsibility to watch over it. Protect Your 401(k) provides you with practical, sensible strategies for taking care of your 401(k) today, so that it can take care of you tomorrow.

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