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PricewaterhouseCooper's Guide to Wealth Preservation 
By: Pricewaterhousecoopers, Pricewaterhousecoopers

$19.95 $13.80 ($6.15; 31%)

Financial Engineering 
By: Galitz, Lawrence
Hard Cover


Personal Financial Planning 
By: Brite, Robert L.
Hard Cover


The Non-Lawyers Estate Planning Kit 
By: Burton, Kermit
Soft Cover





Cfroi Portfolio Management: Buy/sell/hold... How Money Managers Use Cfroi To Help Decide... 
By: Mahoney, William F.
Hard Cover


How To Avoid Probate By Creating A Living Trust: A Simple Yet Complete Guide 
By: Bennett, Gordon Mead
Hard Cover


Merrill Lynch Guide to Financial Planning 
By: Merrill Lynch, Merrill Lynch
Hard Cover

$17.45 $16.58 ($0.87; 5%)

Practical Financial Planning For Nonprofit Manager S 
By: Blazek, Jody
Hard Cover


Handbook Of Personal Wealth Management 
By: Reuvid, Jonathan
Hard Cover


The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics: Formulas for Optimal Allocation & Leverage 
By: Vince, Ralph
Hard Cover

$95.00 $61.27 ($33.73; 36%)

Get In Touch With Your Inner Millionaire 
By: Cook, Wade
Hard Cover


Qualified Pension And Profit Sharing Plans 2004 
By: Perdue, Pamela
Hard Cover


Retiring Wealthy For Dummies 
By: Knight, Julian; Knight, J.
Soft Cover

$25.18 $16.77 ($8.41; 33%)

Personal Finance: Skills For Life Update Edition 
By: Bajtelsmit, Vickie L.
Hard Cover


Modern Financial Markets 
By: Griffiths, Mark; Blackwell, David W.; Not Available, Not Available; Winters, Drew
Hard Cover

$231.95 $188.75 ($43.20; 19%)

An Introduction To Credit Derivatives 
By: Loader, David
Soft Cover

$44.34 $42.75 ($1.59; 4%)

Corporate Finance Sourcebook 2006 
By: A (na), A (na); N, N; N, N
Hard Cover


Adding Value To Retirement Savings And Investments Using The Tax Code; A Financial Advisor's Guide To Integrating Client 
By: Reichenstein, Reichenstein
Hard Cover

$90.95 $86.40 ($4.55; 5%)

Organizational Project Portfolio Management 
By: Kodukula, Prasad
Hard Cover


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